How To Obtain A Passport

Application can be obtained in:


One passport picture Sized to U.S. Department of State Size and Specifications

Proof of Citizenship

  • Birth Certificate
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Previous Adult Passport

Proof of Identity

  • 16 and Older: Driver's License
  • Under 16: Parent(s) Driver's License
  • Or Identification Card


  • Adult Passport-$135.00
  • Youth Passport-$105.00
  • Passport Expedited-$60.00 Per Passport
  • Plus $12.85 Overnight Express
  • If Time Required On Expedited Application

Time Frame

Four to Six Weeks


  • Applications From Clerk of District Court Office
  • Or On Internet

If Obtaining A Passport For A Youth Under 16 Years Of Age Both Parents Must Sign Application Or Meet Certain Other Requirements